Your Engineering Challenge
Is Solved Here

Innoteka advances your time to market by providing senior engineers
with at least 10 years of experience. That makes The Difference.

Europe’s aspiring companies turn to Innoteka for product development
and scaling engineering capacity.
Because time to market is the # 1 priority.

They Trust Us





About Us

We are premier software development firm helping entrepreneurs and corporates deliver innovation faster.
Our unusual effort to recruit the very best, senior-level engineers helps us serve our clients well.
We are active citizens, initiating and co-funding education and healthcare projects in our community.

What We Stand For

Uncompromised quality
of work and relationship. Promise.

Maturity and transparency.
No industry-discrediting practices.

100% referenceability.
This is not a goal, this is our reality.

What Our Clients Say

“We are in our second project with Innoteka. So far everything is running very smoothly and we are very happy with the quality of code and speed of development.”

Artur Taylor Artur Taylor,
CTO and Co-founder,
ATS Advanced Telematic Systems, Berlin

“I’ve made up my mind about them when we met in Berlin. Their code quality is of highest and execution is swift. I am willing to continue working with them further.”

Gordon Friebe Gordon Friebe,
CTO and Co-founder,

“Innoteka have been guiding us from the very beginning of our product development journey. They do the extra mile for us, and we wouldn’t have accomplished so much on our own.”

Robert Jacobsen Robert Jacobsen, Founder, Agenthuset, Oslo

“Innoteka helped with our product demo for major industry and investor events. They deliver on promise and we are looking forward to working on a full-blown product with them.”

Janna Lipenkova Janna Lipenkova,
Co-founder and CEO,

“They proposed very thoughtful solution to our challenge, with special focus on reusing as much code as possible. We are now in investor talks leveraging what they have delivered.”

Daniel Skupien Daniel Skupien,

“They are extra patient in listening to our ideas and quick to prototype
them. We use the results they have delivered to negotiate with clients and investors.”

Martin Øgaard Martin Øgaard,
Factory Norway,

“Highly recommend for their execution and entrepreneur-friendly approach. Awesome working with and their commitment is outstanding.”

Zenyk Matchyshyn Zenyk Matchyshyn,

“Partnering with Innoteka allowed us to quickly scale our development team with senior talent. Their approach changes everything from code quality to release timelines.”

Segriy Dmytryshyn Sergiy Dmytryshyn,
Founder and CEO,

Contact Us

Address 79016, 10 pl. Sv. Teodora, Lviv, Ukraine

Phone +38 063 757 25 85